Turn-around Manaqement / Shareholder-Value Concepts

It’s mostly out of a crisis that “Mittelstand” business operations start to identify cash drains and value drivers. And only on such basis a turn-around plan can be set up which convinces banks and Private Equity investors to make decisions in support.

Our turn around approach is rather holistic and covers customers, suppliers, employees and business processes. Thus MR&C Financial Advisory Service is in principle governed by a „Stakeholder-approach“
The positive participation of all major contributors assures that all opportunities for improvement are recognized and a sustainable turn around can be recognized.

Even though we find the stakeholder concept inspiring and rich of good guidance we approach things with hands on mentality: your business plan serves as means to maximize prices when selling an enterprise or rising equity or credit financing.

Our financial analysis and planning serve the purpose to communicate your issue. Our analytical work has created new insights and under-standing for entrepreneurs and management whenever we were involved and have helped to improve earnings and cash flow in many cases.