Our approach in financing an enterprise is holistic: our considerations cover various sources including equity, debt and off-balance financing, e.g. assed based lending in combination with equity.

MR&C Financial Advisory Service does speak the language of banks and will support you with the preparation of all required financial analysis for credit arrangements in order to establish the required trust and faith between borrowers and lenders. Most recently we have made the experience that conceptual work receives limited attention by banks however: to cope with this situation we have developed close relationships to non - bank related institutions and persons in order to offer alternatives to debt financing by banks. Today we offer financing in the broad scope of asset based lending, mezzanine and private equity.

Diagram: Senior Debt - Asset Based Lending - Mezzanine High Yield Bonds - Private Equity Venture Capital

MR&C Asset based lending (sale- and leaseback, factoring) will also consider patents, software and other intellectual property as asset base and we offer also silent factoring for smaller business operations and much more. We also place new financing in order to replace existing credit arrangements.