About Us

Partners and associates of MRC quite often do not have a background in banking. However they all can look back to management careers as CFO or CEO in business firms where they successfully have restructured the operation, employed structured financing, conducted strategic acquisitions or organized new ownerships and equity funding in case entrepreneurs decided to retire. Thus we know our clientele in industry, trade and services from own experience. And this is why we are dedicated to meet our clienteles' needs in banking and beyond.

Moreover we are equipped with the tools for financial planning and analysis and appraisal of business operations. Our large Network to Banks, Private Equity Investors and Family Offices assures that we can play our role as mediator successfully. We have full awareness that people make the difference in business: To a large degree business success is determined by management resources.

Our firm is a partner organization and we maintain a presence in Germany (with offices in Frankfurt, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart), Austria (Schörfling), Bulgaria (Sofia), Poland (Krakow) and Hungary.

For more details on our partners please visit our group website.

Our Service Portfolio

  • Turn-Around-Management // Shareholder-Value
  • Debt Financing
  • Government programs
  • MBO // MBI
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Placements